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Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Q Block DLF – 2


The Issue of the gate closing at 8.30 pm has also seen a lot upheaval and friction between Q Block Welfare Group and DLF RWA – 2 and it has been twice the issue has seen angry words being exchanged at the issue of gate .

The Q Block Welfare Group held a meeting with Owners of Alpine Guest House Q 2/22 the owners being the Thakkars and they were informed of the disturbance and nuisance being caused by the Guest to the resident of the Lane but also to the colony as whole as cars are coming at random hours speeding and then ringing the bell of random houses and there were serious allegations of illegal activities of the immoral kinds taking place and the guest of shady variety taking up rooms on hourly basis happening and that they should take measures so such things do not take place and residents are not disturbed and they did accept to a lot of things and plan to convert the guest house into a rental of sorts for corporate employees and have assured the Welfare Group that they will see to it that no such activities mentioned take place and will keep greater watch but as of now after the meeting not much has changed only recently there was a party inside and guests were loudly celebrating and so called guests still arrive at random hours

September 2109

Tree and wild growth been cut and pruned

August 2019

Meetings in Q Block

Above Mr Srivastva who has been leading the charge and has contributed and managed greatly in getting people together and organizing the community and along with other residents of Q block are having meetings to discuss various issues .

In August they have written letters to the authorities for the various problems faced by the residents .

Sewers were cleaned around the colony

Tiles have been put on the side of colony park


Park in full greenery with Lights installed

Transformers upgraded

Fumigation has been done Twice in August

Fire broke out in House No.26 Poorvi Marg and Fire Brigade arrived and saved the day but there was a unfortunate loss of life of  pet dog in the fire Condolences .

Place for guards have been built and fans alongwith lights have been put .

CCTV camera has been installed at one gate for now other gates will get CCTV cameras soon

June and July 2019

Tree falls on a Parked car in the Q – 2 Lane 15 June 2019 after heavy rains and also has brought forth another issue the trimming of the tops of trees is needed as some trees are heavy on top and bending and that was probably the case in this incident


Lots of meetings take place and committees have been formed for various things and action can be seen on the ground

Q Block resident meet below

One of the most occupied blocks of DLF – 2  it is flanked by Poorvi Marg houses currently it has no registered association but a effort is on and a informal gathering of individuals are doing work at present . There are security issues as gates are not manned and random entry of strangers is normal and there are various guest houses operating which adds to the situation along with PG’s the park is well maintained to an extent and lights have been installed , roads have not been relaid for a long time as regards electricity new transformers have been installed along with new wiring despite there have been power cuts and its not peak summer yet .

below letter drafted  by informal Q block collection of residents

June and July 2109

Lights have been installed in the park and park has been given a makeover and now tiles are being installed on the outside of the park which was delayed earlier and funds have been released by the local Councillor Mr R.S. Rathee

A association of members has been formed and are meeting regularly headed by Mr Srivastava and there are voluntary contributions from residents which are in turn are being channelized primarily first and foremost for Security and gates have been repaired which were damaged earlier and wouldn’t close properly and slowly guards are being increased .

The members of this association have made efforts to see to it that area is properly enclosed and have met the DLF maintenance to see to it that garbage is regularly collected specially the irregular garbage dumped on empty areas and lights are repaired .


The basic issues problems of Q – BLOCK  2019

There are three gates and would require a lot guards to man them and fund at present are not sufficient for such manpower and gates cannot be closed but the aim is to have a compact gated colony where each entry is registered .

The operation of commercial activities inside the colony which are source of nuisance and disturbance to the residents and are taking up parking space adding to the congestion and putting a load on the already overburdened resources like water and electricity .

Massive construction taking place in the colony and construction material is creating problems as it is put on the roads and old houses being dismantled the noise created from them is major source of disturbance for the residents around them .

Air pollution caused by illegal generators installed without specifications by certain guest houses and creating a health hazard for residents around the area .

Roads haven’t been relaid by DLF for years despite requests not even basic patchwork .

Guest houses and PG’s which is giving access to strangers to the colony and endangering the security of the colony who are roaming around the colony at odd hours and strangers are being invited by them.

Illegal construction of floors in the new construction also no stilt parking which is mandatory and will create problems in the long run for the residents

There have been incidents in park where strangers have indulged in acts of molestation of residents .

Rash driving inside the colony by strangers and certain residents