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Thursday, October 17, 2019
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The burden of sudden wealth

When Shriram’s father, a farmer, signed on the dotted line to hand over his agricultural land to the government a couple of months back for the Jewar airport project, he became a millionaire overnight. The family, which made a meagre Rs 1.5 lakh a year, is now richer by Rs 8 core, and 32-year-old Shriram is keen on ‘living life differently’.

He has begun by buying a brand new sports utility vehicle for Rs 11 lakh.

“We had 37 bigha land, but no money, and subsisted on income from our farms. Now while everyone in this village is a crorepati, none knows how to handle the money. I thought at least we should improve our lifestyle,” says Shriram, as he cleans his brand new SUV parked outside his house, a decrepit single-story brick structure. So, far he has mostly used the vehicle for making several trips to his in-laws in Bulandshahr. His old motorcycle, his lifeline for over a decade, remains unused for over two months.


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